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T3K - Asset Management System (FAMS)


T3K - FAMS is a web based asset and inventory management system, taking care of your organization ownership of assets and inventories by controlling, tracking & maintenance. If you value your properties and ownerships, use FAMS to take control of your valuable assets and inventories.


FAMS will help you


Systematically record assets and invetories

Know your ownership and worth (valuation/depreciation)

Track your asset movements thru lifecycle (Registration/Issue/Transfer/Writeoff)

Plan and manage maintenance of your assets

Manage Asset/Inventory Rentals

Integrate with Accounting/General Ledger systems

Comply with Regulatory and Accounting Standards (IFRS & IRD)







Benefits of FAMS includes but not limited to


Reduced built-up of unnecessary asset and inventory

Fast and easy tracking of asset and inventory

Less breakdown and interruption to your operations by regular/schedule maintenance

Increase accuracy of your asset inventory by regular stock taking

Increase revenue or reduce cost by rental

Hassel free automated integreation with Accounting/ERP software



Features Highlights


1. Easy Registration of your assets and inventory


Once your purchased goods are recevied with a GRN, FAMS can automatically generate assets from the GRN so that user need not create one by one. This greatly ease user from entering same asset information multiple times in case of bulk/quantity purchase. User also can choose to copy from existing asset registration to create new one.





2. Digitize and manage your asset/inventory related documents


FAMS lets you upload your digitized copy of warranty, photo, invoice, acceptance forms etc. into the system so that its easier to manage your asset or inventory related documents in one place, reducing the burden of keeping and searching documents from the bulky file room.





3. Flexible Calculation of Cost & Depreciation


Due to the nature of the different cost scenarios, FAMS cather for different cost elements, such as unit cost, exchange rate, discount, adjustments and other costs. User also can use cost allocation tool in the system to distribute a lum sum costs to related assets using weighted price ratio.


FAMS supports depreciation rate for both IRD and IFRS so that organizations can generate reports in compliance to both local and international accounting standards. Even though most companies use strait line depreciation method, FAMS’s pluggable interface can cather for multiple depreciation methods.




4. Parameterized Limit for Fixed Assets and Inventory


Different organizations have different policy to differentiate an assets as fixed asset or inventory. FAMS allows user to set asset’s costs and useful life parameters to validate upon asset recognition.





5. User Defined Categories


FAMS allows user to define asset categories in three levels. User can set different depreciation rates for different categories. Categorizing a fixed asset has never been faster and easier with type-to-search category field.




6. Ergonomic and Easy to use User Interface (UI)


FAMS UIs are designed carefully to align with standard operating procedures, streamlined for usability, practicality and ergonomic. Keeping in mind, productivity of user, every second of user time is not spent unnecessarily on the system, use of keyboard and mouse is optimized acrossed the system.



7. Built-in Approval workflow for Quality Management and Compliance


FAMS has built-in approval workflow for registration, issue, transfer and rental for quality audits and compliance. This ensure proper quality management and procedure compliance within the organization.



8. Informative & Insightful Dashboard


Dashboard provides at-a-glance views of assets and inventories in graphs and charts of various key indicators. User can filter the the view using cost centers. Dashboard also shows your pending items and serve as a shortcut for your action. This greatly help user in performing his/her role, serves as a reminder and allow user to swiftly act and save times.



9. Multi Cost Center and Multi Location


FAMS allows user to define multiple Cost Centers and Locations. Assets are issued to or transferred to/from Cost Centers and Locations. User can query assets based on location and/or cost centers.